Superbowl 52

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Superbowl 52 will have Tom Brady trying to get his 6th Superbowl ring against the 13-3 Eagles.


The Eagles qb Carson Wentz is still hurt do to an ACL injury and Nick Foles will be leading his team down the field. This is the Patriots 8th Superbowl appearance and a rematch of Superbowl 39 where the Patriots won 24-21 over the Eagles.                                                                                                 The halftime show will be performed by Justin Timberlake. The commercials during the event are said to cost over 5 million dollars! It will be in US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and since US Bank Stadium is a dome there is no worries about the weather this year.  The Patriots will become the first team since the Seattle Seahawks to appear in two consecutive Super Bowls.

The Patriots are favored over the Philadelphia Eagles, however the Eagles made it through all of the playoffs as underdogs. The Eagles have never won a Superbowl while the Patriots have won 5. This could be the last time Belichick, Brady, and owner Robert Kraft will operate on the same team however that seems unlikely given Brady is under contract for two more years while once backup and potential future Jimmy Garoppolo is now busy trying to rebuild the 49ers.  Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski  suffered a concussion in the first half of the AFC Championship Game, and hes only got two weeks to recover, but concussions are unpredictable and tricky. Gronk is in his eighth season, but hes only been healthy for a Super Bowl once!

All in all its going to be an interesting game, can the Eagles even without their star qb pull off an underdog victory? Or are the Patriots going to win again? Guess we will all see this Sunday.