Unnecessary Classes in School


Evan Chen, the only writer

School. It’s a place most kids in the US spend their time learning, socializing, and thinking. Yet most kids spend around 8 hours a day at school, so it takes up a good chunk of their life. Hence, it’s important that everything students learn in school is worth their time, unfortunately I don’t think everything is. For instance, I spent a semester learning about stoichiometry and I’d bet a solid $1000 I’m never going to use it again, as the only jobs involved in stoichiometry are people developing soap and deodorant bars. Although some aspects of education benefit the individual to a degree, many classes students are required to take are a waste of time, teachers, and tax dollars.

Certain required classes will not be useful in the long run for a majority of students, for instance, the only time anyone is going to use Algebra after high school is if they become an Algebra teacher, or a statistician, 2 very specific jobs that won’t help the majority of students. Personally I feel that students should be learning are things that will actually help them in the post-school environment, maybe give them options based on what they would like to do when they get older and a job. In some of the countries most successful in education such as Finland, they make basics a priority by educating their students on courses that apply to all. While some high school students would have already started working and making money, they are instead forced to sit in a classroom for an entire year to learn information that they’re probably gonna forget within a year, and won’t end up using.

However, even though schools may teach many things that aren’t necessary, I will admit, a lot of what you learn is useful. Basic math, reading, writing, science, and most of everything students learn up until around freshmen year is required to have a basic starting point of understanding simple factors and skills in life, but past that point I feel as though the people in charge of the education system have run out of important classes to teach, so instead they add some elective type of classes into the pool of required ones as a way of filling the gap between 9th and 12th grade. Rather than wasting tax dollars on forcing students to learn these subjects, they should either allow the option for early graduation or if wanted, the student can take those classes by choice, rather than being forced upon everyone.

Altogether, the education system could use a couple of changes. Yes, many of these classes are beneficial to the student and I do believe kids should still have the option to go to high school, but some aspects of it don’t seem like they’re really necessary and worth spending time on, so it would be nice if people in charge of the public school system would consider changing some of these required courses.