Changes Students Want for GHS


Evan Chen, Nolan's 2nd in Command

Over the course of this school year, there have been many changes and additions made to GHS, from new rules to different features. However, most of these changes have been made by school officials and principals, so this time students were asked what changes they would like to make, and responses varied widely, with some students wishing for better school food, and others asking for relaxing of school rules.

If you could change or add something to this school, what would it be?

Christa Brewer, Senior – I don’t like the dress code because it’s unnecessary.

Elexus Vasquez, Senior – Let kids go wherever they want for lunch.

Josh Cameron, Senior – More nutritious and better quality lunch food.

Jaren Berger, Senior – Let people change when they have lunch.

Carlos Fisher, Junior – I wish that the teachers were more committed to the students, it would be nice if they put more effort into their jobs sometimes.

Madison Lacour, Junior – Put the doors back on the bathrooms.

Mya Delgado Martinez, Junior – One thing I wish that I would change about this school is the ability to choose what I want to do. I am given so many things that I’m forced to take that serve me no purpose, but then I can’t take any classes that will help get me where I want to go.

Raegan Butler, Junior – I would really like the doors back on the bathrooms.

Andrew Yon, Junior – I would like school to start earlier so that we would have more time after school.



Alec Berret, Junior – I fathom the need for a safe school, but I don’t think that locking the doors will keep us any safer, and it’s inconvenient for students.

Deja Curry, Sophomore – Free automatic MacBooks given all to all students.

Joseph Hite, Sophomore – Get rid of the dress code for hats and hoods.



Nolan Chapman, Sophomore – I would like an open weight room.

Juanpablo Mora, Freshman – I would add some doors to the bathrooms and no dress code.

Beck Hampton, Freshman – I’d add nap time.

Jack McDaniel, Freshman – I would add a recess.