The Names to Know: 2018 Midterms in Williamson County

The Names to Know: 2018 Midterms in Williamson County

Grant McGinnity, Editor






Many students here at Georgetown High School are preparing for the first election they will have a say in. Though you may here your dad say something about supporting x or your aunt supporting y, and all sorts of different names floating around John Carter, Beto Orouke, Greg Abbot — you want to make an educated decision on who represents you may not know where to start. The purpose of this article is to analyse the big name candidates that will be every Williamson County ballot to help any voter new or old to make the right choice for the future of the state of Texas as well as the country.


The governor is in control of the states government and serves as the executive power. They choose how the state spends its tax funds and also sign bills into law from the state congress. There are two candidates for governor this year Greg Abbot a Republican and current governor and Lupe Valdez a democrat and former Dallas county sheriff.

Greg Abbot(Republican) is currently serving his first term and is seeking re-election. Governor Abbot does not support the ban of assault weapons but instead responsible gun ownership“I can assure you I will never allow Second Amendment rights to be infringed, but I will always promote responsible gun ownership”-Greg Abbot. Governor Abbot supports school choice encouraging and helping families to choose the right education for their child “Every parent deserves choices about where they will send their child to school. All these parents know this isn’t a Republican issue, it’s not a Democrat issue. This is a civil rights issue”-Governor Abbott Governor Abbott also argues for border security and closed all sanctuary cities in the state of Texas.

Lupe Valdez(Democrat) was the Dallas county sheriff from 2015-2017. Ms.Valdez aims to pass stricter gun ownership laws limiting things such as magazine size but overall is a supporter of the 2nd amendment “a person who shows a tendency to harm with a weapon, why would you let them have a weapon? A person who has a weapon to protect and defend and to take care of their property, there’s no issue with that” -Lupe Valdez. On illegal boarding crossings, Ms.Valdez wants to cut the budget of border security instead funding other programs for Texans as well as supporting a pathway for citizenship for undocumented immigrants “To solve our immigration challenges, we need to protect DREAMers and we need to enact comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for those caught up in our broken immigration system so that families stop being torn apart”-Lupe Valdez. Lastly, Ms.Valdez e is in favor of raising the Texas minimum wage to 12-15 U.S dollars instead of the current $7.25 an hour.


Every state has 2 senators but only one is up for election this mid term. A senator can introduce bills to congress and also votes on many key decisons such as confirming new government workers or bills on there way to be a law. There are two names on the ballot Ted Cruz a Republican who is running for re-election, and Beto O’rouke a Democrat who currently serves in the House of Representatives.

Ted Cruz(Republican) Ted Cruz was first elected in 2012 and is seeking re-election. Senator Cruz has sponsored bills that helped fund relief from last years devastating hurricanes as well as one that requires drug testing to get on government subsidies such as well fare.Senator Cruz has voted in favor of bills that would protect business from unfair government targeting and a bill that would bring down the tax rate for american citizens. Senator Cruz is a strong advocate for legal immigration supporting a number of bills that would make amnesty harder for undocumented citizens and which favor american citizens — like the H-1B visa program which allows aliens to work in the U.S, but if the alien becomes unemployed they must return to their home country unless they find another job.

Beto O rouke (Democrat) Currently serving in the House Representative for Texas district 16, Congressman O rouke is seeking to take Senator Cruz’s seat. Congressman O rouke supports stricter gun control being in favor of banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Congressman O rouke aims to pass legislation that helps undocumented immigrants stay in the United States with potential amnesty on the horizon as well as a cut back on border security “Reform our immigration laws to legalize the status of millions of immigrants already in our country and ensure a fair path to citizenship for those inspired by the opportunity and ideals that we present to the rest of the world”- O rouke’s campaign website.

District 31 House seat.

Are states are sectioned into districts based off of population. Each district gets one house congress seat. The House of representatives is where a bill goes in its earliest stages as they conduct the initial votes before it gets sent down to the senate. There are two names on the ballot this mid-term John Carter a republican who has held the seat since 2003 and is seeking re election, and MJ Hegar a Democrat business Woman and former military pilot in Afghanistan.

John Carter(Republican) Holding the seat since 2003 Congressman Carter is no political newbie. Congressman Carter has voted in favor of bills that increase penalties for undocumented immigrants in the United States as well as favoring border security budget increases. Congressman Carter is a strong supporter of the second amendment and doesn’t support any major gun reform. He is a strong critic of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare “Obamacare is a flawed and failed policy that has increased premiums, raised taxes, and cut the incomes of millions of Americans. It forces Americans into ineffective insurance plans, rather than real health care coverage” – Congressman Carter.

Mary Ottilie Jennings– MJ Hegar(Democrat) Challenging Congressman Carter for his district 31 seat MJ Hegar is a Afghanistan veteran having served as a pilot in the air force and is currently a businesswoman. Ms.Hegar hasn’t offered a stance on many key issues including gun control, illegal immigration, and Obamacare. Ms.Hegar wants to protect government aide such as social security and try to keep the money out of politics. As a former veteran, Ms.Hegar wants to pass pro-veteran and active duty policies such as pay for active duty troops during government shut downs as well as stopping any effort to make the Department Veteran Affairs privatized.

Williamson County Judge:
The county judge is responsible for approving the budget. They control how much money is given to services such as road construction or law enforcement. They also get a say in major court cases ruling situations as lawful or unlawful. There are 2 names on the ballot this election Bill Gravell a Republican Texas Judge who was voted the best in the state in 2017, and Blane Conklin a Democrat who has never held public office but has served on boards in the town of Round Rock.

Bill Gravell(Republican) Judge Gravell runs a very fiscally conservative judicial practice and was voted the best judge in Texas in 2017. He is campaigning on keeping taxes low as well as keeping public safety a number one priority — advocating for more funds for infrastructure and the police force.

Blane Conklin (Democrat) Mr.Conklin has never ran or held a public office but has served on Round Rock’s historical preservation board. Mr. Conklin wants to provide a brighter future for Williamson county through a balanced budget that won’t be a huge burden on tax payers. Mr.Conklin wants to continue providing ample funds to public servants such as fire fighters and police officers, as well as infrastructure. Lastly, Mr.Conklin also wants to look into adding more renewable energy opportunities to Williamson county.

All quotes and information in this article was found on the candidates campaign websites and official government legislative sites. If you wish to correct any possible error or mistake please leave a comment down below and we will be sure to look into it. We hope this helped make since of the big names on the ballot and gave you a since of who best represents your values.