Moving forward, how has Syria came back from its tragic attack?

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US launched its first military assault against the Syrian regime over a year ago thinking it would triumph success in that countries civil war. Photos were represented to trump of kids dead with their eyes open, trumps states he took action in the chemical attack because ” it crossed a lot of lines for me.” Now over a year later, the haunting fear caused from the events in April 2017 still lives in Syria to this day.


What’s happening now: No one has claimed responsibility for the most recent attack Saturday, and the Syrian regime again denies any involvement. But anti-government activists say Syrian military helicopters dropped barrel bombs filled with chemicals on Douma, suffocating some residents and sending others into violent convulsions.


What’s next: President Trump stating on twitter there would ” be a price to pay ” but not specifying the consequence.


What happened(key points): For the past year Russia and Iran having been working to gain control. Making citizens lose hope in those who want to oust Assad and his autocratic rule. The enraged battles have proceeded since 2011, when civilians turned into rebels trying to end four decades of rule by the Assad family. Idlib is now the only remaining Syrian province fully controlled by rebel groups. But Idlib has also been intrigued, and its future remains uncertain.

How do other people in the US feel about the occurrence?:

“It’s a serious situation, and it shouldn’t of had reoccurred in the first place” – Says Freshmen Katie Vasquez

“It’s a sad situation” – Says Lindquist, Derek a Spanish teacher at GHS