Balancing School And Work Life

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As you go through your years of high school you start to become more independent, you start to want to build your own work ethic therefore you start talking to your parents about job options and how to maintain grades in school.


As a freshman working and going to school full time, in my own opinion it is severally hard to maintain class work. It requires a certain level of maturity and a want for own personal growth.

It gets hard to wake up early in the morning to get to school on time and get home in time after work to get a certain level of sleep to feel refreshed for tomorrow only to do it all over again.


Junior, Julianna Washburn says, “School is always my first priority because school is going to bring you to the main job you want to do in the future and working mainly on weekends because the school week is too busy.”


Working only on weekends if you are in extra curricular in school such as cheer, band, advanced art and etc, is helpful if you do have a hard time balancing your work on weekdays. You really have to understand your limit of how many hours you can work and pass all your classes.

Senior Garred Bannister says, “I get my work done in class so that way I don’t fall behind, I make sure they don’t conflict with each other.”


A con about work and balancing school is you have to add in your social life to level happiness that way you are with people who support you and want to see you succeed.

You have to plan things ahead 99% of the time based on your work schedule because your school schedule is mandatory, there really is no last minute things whenever you work unless its an emergency because you now have not only school but,

people who rely on you at work to be punctual and reliable because working at a job 90% of the time involves other people relying on other people to do their job so that way things can flow seamlessly without precautions.


Even teachers have to have their own tactics with balancing their life and work.

Lindquist, Derek a spanish teacher at GHS says “I don’t take work home, and I enjoy my time at home with my family and then I enjoy my time at work.”