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Taylor Normann, Contributor

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On this day in history, November 29th, 1877, Thomas Edison demonstrates his phonograph for the first time. The first instrument invented to record

and reproduce sounds. Other inventions could record sounds but Edison’s invention was the first to play it back. Later was upgraded to a gramophone and even later became the record player.





  On this day in history, November 29th, 1898, C.S. Lewis is born. An accomplished British author, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist. He taught at both Oxford University and Cambridge University. Though he is most well known for is Chronicles Of Narnia series, that many children have hungrily read over the years.





On this day in history, November 29th, 1972, Atari releases Pong the first successful commercial video game. A table tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics, Pong virtually (pun intended) established the video game industry.


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