4 Ways To Make Money Doing Nothing

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4 Ways To Make Money Doing Nothing

Taylor Normann, Contributor

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Focus groups, are a cluster of people answering a business questions about their product, usually while being paid with money or small gifts for their time. Focus groups are very important for businesses; they use them to see how a product will sell, if it needs to be tweaked, or if a product should just be scrapped. For five, ten, twenty minutes, sometimes a few hours of your time you could make $5, $15, $20, or maybe even $100 dollars by simply answering questions.

  • Google likes checking having their products checked, and after the survey they’ll send small gifts or donations to charities. They always say what the reward will be before you take the survey. https://userresearch.google.com/


  • Hegen-Sinclair Research Recruiting Inc. Gives personal invitations to participate in paid market research studies,and they promises to not share your information without given permission. Most topics are high tech innovations, finance and medical advances to cars, jeans and lifestyles. http://hagensinclair.com/page/participate


Some phone apps help people make money.

  • CoSign (for iOS and Android) is an app that pays for people to post their selfies! Simply tag all the brands (make up, jewelry, clothes, things in the background) that you’re wearing in the picture,and if anyone clicks through to buy one of the products you get a cut of the profit. Sizable social media presence is helpful and users get paid every time they reach $40.


  • Viggle (iOS, Android, & Windows) “Check in” whenever you plan on watching t.v. or listening to music. The app is paying to simply monitor your habits. You’re being paid to do what you normally do. Earn more by identifying songs played on the Viggle music feature. The app doesn’t pay in legit money, it pays in gift cards and prizes.


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