The Cricket Invasion


Evan Chen, Cricket Catcher

It’s that time of year: the annual crickets that are swarming the school all the time, and don’t we all love stepping on crickets every 5 seconds?

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed them; they’re hopping around the hallways, falling out of ceilings, and even taking over showers in the locker rooms. These crickets are everywhere, and you can’t seem to get rid of them. So, why is this legion of crickets moving into the school? Well, every year around the end of summer the mating season for black field crickets begins. Usually this is triggered by dry summers which provides cracks in the ground for crickets to lay their eggs in, followed by rainfall which hatches those eggs. But still, why are they going to GHS, can’t they just stay outside during mating season? Unfortunately for us, crickets are attracted to bright white lights, and it just so happens to be that Georgetown is decked out with nothing but bright white lights everywhere. In order to avoid this it is recommended to turn off all white lights early in the evening, or simply replace them with yellow bug lights. Using bug spray would also work, but the only problem is that afterwards you would have to clean up all of the dead crickets off the floor. However, that’s not going to make that much of a difference, since there’s already a bunch of squashed cricket guts all over the hallways.

All in all this bug infestation has been a mess, literally. However, not everyone hates it completely, Mr. Bowen, a teacher at GHS said, “I loved it when we saw an army of ants come in and dismember the crickets, but yeah, for the most part it was pretty gross.” Just make sure to watch the floor for those bugs, because they’ll just hop whenever and wherever they want, and when you get home, keep your doors closed; you probably don’t want this problem in your house too.