Top 5 Unusual Pets

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Top 5 Unusual Pets

Evan Chen, Contreebitory

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When you hear the word pet, you’d normally think of something more typical–like a dog or cat, but that isn’t always the case. Here is a list of five unusual pets some people own.

5. The Fennec Fox

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It’s no surprise that this fox is taken as a pet because of it’s cute look, but what is surprising is that humans will own these critters even though they don’t make the best pets due to their lack of human bonding, strength, and hate for captivity.

4. The Bearded Dragon

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So maybe it’s not an actual dragon, but it somewhat looks like one… This lizard, The Bearded Dragon, is actually called a Pogona, the reason these lizards make such great pets is because of the fact that they’re friendly and small, although not exactly a cuddly type of friendly.

3. The Hungry Hippo

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A very uncommon pet, Hippopotamuses must be taken care of from a safe distance, as they can be quite aggressive and large. They are a high maintenance pet who requires frequent attention and food.


2. Emperor Scorpion

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The Emperor Scorpion is a very painful pet to take care of so have to be very cautious. First of all, it stings, although the poison isn’t fatal to most, it is extremely painful and can cause allergic reactions. Then there’s the pedipalps or claws that pinch you,so why is this taken as a pet? I have no idea.

1. The Hissing Cockroach

Sorry I can’t, I just can’t. I’m trying to copy and paste a picture onto this, but the pictures are just too disgusting to look at, go search it up yourself if you want to be disgusted. Pretty much there are no good things to say about this creature, and sorry if you’re a cockroach lover, I’m probably offending all of you out there, but I kill those bugs, I don’t hold them in my hand and let them crawl all over me.

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