An Inheritance of Instruments


William Eagle

Nolan Chapman, Editor-In-Chief

Musicians can easily be categorized into one group based off of a single instrument that they play. However, musicians such as sophomore William Eagle help to redefine what it is to be a musical artist. While he may only play the violin in the Georgetown High School orchestra, Eagle also enjoys playing the piano, as well as strumming the guitar. Though Eagle originally ended up in orchestra by accident while attending Forbes Middle School, he now plans to continue playing instruments casually well past graduation.

“The most satisfying part about being a musician is the feeling you get when you take a song from being a senseless pile of notes to a true piece of recognizable music,” Eagle explained. Even though Eagle doesn’t always, “feel inspired to practice or learn anything new,” he always pushes through these discouraging periods in order to expand his knowledge of music. While Eagle’s favorite song to play is New York State of Mind on his piano, he is always looking to broaden his “repertoire of songs.” Of the three instruments he plays, Eagle finds that his favorite is the piano because he believes himself to be best at it.

“I first started playing piano in second grade when my mom forced me to take lessons,” Eagle stated. However, he soon picked up the violin in middle school orchestra because it was the instrument his mother played. Furthermore, Eagle started to play guitar as a result of his family as well, for they had one laying around “in the house.” However, Eagle has found companionship in being a musician as well, as he finds being a part of an “ensemble of musicians” to be his favorite part of participating in the Georgetown High School orchestra.