Producing Professional Photography


Emma Almaraz

Nolan Chapman, Editor-In-Chief


While high school is typically meant to prepare students for the career they wish to pursue once they graduate high school or college, it can also serve as a way for students to explore hobbies that they don’t wish to pursue. A prime example of this is sophomore Emma Almaraz, who is currently taking photography courses at Georgetown High School. Even though she has no plans to continue photography as a job, Almaraz has found a way to express herself, as well as have fun, by taking photographs.

“In my photography class when I realized that Mr. Yentzen showed everyone’s photos to the class to be judged and make critiques, I was super nervous because I hate talking in front of people, but everyone loved it and were super nice and that’s partially why I came to love that class so much and felt so comfortable in it,” Almaraz reminisced over her favorite memories from photography class.

Additionally, Almaraz has found success in photography competitions such as the Congressional Art Competition. In that competition, Almaraz received third place for mixed media for a “hated piece” that she didn’t expect to do well, which was “a nice surprise” for her. Although Almaraz claims that “photos are super simple to take,” she admits that it usually takes a while in order to obtain photos that mean something to her.

“My favorite art piece that I’ve done is actually my final that I did as a midterm in my photo class. It’s Photoshop I’ve taken in the first semester,” in which Almaraz compiled all of her photographs, “and only the colors black, white, gold and silver are used to edit them and I’m really proud of it. I even got a friend to break a lightbulb for me to attach the pieces to the canvas,” Almaraz said.

Furthermore, Almaraz finds photography to be “really rewarding” once she has made a “final product.” She believes the lens’s power of capturing “the world,” as well as being able to create “cool collages of a bunch of parts of my life.” Even though Almaraz doesn’t plan on using photography as a source of income, she does “plan on filling my house with photos” that she has taken.

“It’s not really expressing myself since the photos I take are usually assignments and really just out of the blue ideas. I usually do self portraits so I guess in a way it’s expressive of me,” Almaraz explained. While certain high school classes may be monotonous to some students, classes like photography have helped students such as Emma Almaraz to find a hobby that they are interested in.