What Happened to the Bathroom Doors?

Evan Chen

Last year the administrators of GHS removed the bathroom doors from both the Main Building and the Annex. However, because of this, people passing through the halls can stare at students who are using the bathrooms. Therefore some students are concerned about their personal privacy, and want to know whether or not anything is going to be changed. Nevertheless, the doors have been removed,and it is highly unlikely that the changes will be reverted, but the reasoning behind their removal is still in question.

Mr. Johnson, the principal at GHS was asked why the bathroom doors have been removed, and he responded by stating: “The bathroom doors have been removed for a variety of safety reasons, not necessarily one in particular.” as there have been issues in the past that the school didn’t approve of. For example he mentioned “I think everyone kind of made some assumptions that it was just because of vaping,” but the main reason he justified their removal was because “most other schools actually don’t have doors on their bathrooms.” He described how other schools he went to previously had restrooms like the ones in the annex, and it was easy access for everyone. In other words he asserted that “there’s a lot of places that don’t have doors anyway, so I just thought it would be a better, more transparent better situation for everybody.”

However this wasn’t the only question we had, as many students were still concerned about their personal privacy, so I asked what his personal opinion on removing the bathroom doors was, and how it affects privacy. Mr Johnson answered by explaining “Before we made the decision to pull the doors, we did walk the building to ensure that there would not be any privacy issues,” He even remarked that “there’s one women’s restroom over here that still has a door on it, and that is because from the hallway there there is too many things that were visible as you are walking by in the hallway seeing into the bathroom.” However, that was the only case where a bathroom door was needed in his opinion, as he concluded “other than that there weren’t so I don’t get it.”

Mr Johnson was also questioned; do you believe that removing the bathroom doors has accomplished what was intended? And he assured us it was great stating “I do, and here’s why. I have asked a few students, what their thoughts were on it, surprisingly a few kids told me they didn’t notice”  he described how they didn’t notice the doors were missing because “half the times it’s propped open with the little door stop anyways.” In fact he thought that their removal was helpful as he added “I did have some students, you know that reported to me they actually feel more safe without the doors.” He recalled that “Sometimes you know they would go into a restroom and there might be something going on in there that they didn’t want to be around or associated with guilt by association, so they would just turn around and leave and they kind of indicated to me that they actually don’t have to worry about that as much and so that kind of just reinforces it for me.” Essentially he believes that this change has helped most students, and “That is probably the right decision”

Although it’s understandable why the bathroom doors have been taken off, a different solution to this issue could’ve been to just leave the doors open with a door stopper like they’ve always done, but it’s not my job to make those decisions so I suppose these aren’t completely terrible changes. After all, according to some students, they don’t feel safe in the bathrooms, so for those few students, at least they feel safe now 😐.

PS apparently this is communist Russia, because the original thumbnail and title have been censored, creativity and free thinking isn’t allowed, but that’s okay, freedom isn’t free, and neither is school.