Taking the Time for Track


Josh Garza

Nolan Chapman, Editor-In-Chief


While some people may view track as just running in circles, track has many more components than just running. Track includes other non-running events such as discus, shot put, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, and high jump. The first track meet is on February fifteenth, and all of the track team has been practicing hard under either Coach Adams, who is the head boys track coach, or Coach Braun, who is the head girls track coach. Their workouts have including everything from timing sprints to practicing handoffs for relay races.

“Track has taught me to never give up,” senior Josh Garza said, who competes in a wide range of track events, including the 4×2 relay, the 400 meter dash, the 4×4 relay, and the 800 meter dash. Josh, who changed from Gateway to Georgetown High School sophomore year, has been running track since seventh grade, and said he started running track because he “wanted to try something new.”

“Every track meet I kinda separate myself to get my thoughts in order and get focused for my event,” Garza described his motivations during track meets. Garza, who also ran cross country both last year and this year, described cross country as a “good foundation” for his favorite event, the 800 meter dash. Garza, who made it to the regional track meet last year, hopes to make it to the Texas state track meet this year, as it would be his last chance to do so.

“Never give up when your tired, keep pushing,” Garza described about his advice for people who want to run track. Garza, who is running college track at A&M Corpus Christi, has a bright future in track, as he can run below two minutes in the 800 meter dash.