Running Races With Resilience


Joeli Benson

Pictured from left to right at the regional cross country meet: Coach Doherty, Avery Hill, McKenzie Bailey, Joeli Benson, Jacqui Spencer, Elizabeth Smythe, Camryn Whitman, Samantha Folson, Melanie Lopez, and Coach Braun.

Nolan Chapman, Editor-In-Chief

From the very start of the season during the scorching heat to the end in the freezing cold, cross country runners brave through it all. With regionals occurring just this week on Monday, they’ve been working harder than ever. Regionals was this Monday at Huntsville, and both the girls and boys team fought hard during the race, with the girls team getting second place, and the boys cross country earning sixth place overall.

“During a race, especially these last races, probably the fact that this is what I’ve been training for, and I know that if I just gave up, then all the training was for nothing,” Avery Hill, Junior cross country member, explained what motivates her to keep going during a race. Hill has been with the Georgetown Cross Country program for three years, and said that she loves the “feeling of accomplishment,” she gets from running cross country.

Feeling confident from coming first in district for varsity girls and second for varsity boys, both teams had high hopes going into the race. Both teams hoped to make it to state, but the boys team couldn’t quite make it, coming two places short. However, this is a promising start, as the team is made up of over fifty percent underclassmen who have years to improve.

One of the members of the boy’s varsity cross country team, Mace Carrol, is the only freshman to make varsity, and has been working very hard to prove his place on the varsity team. Carrol described his motivation as “Doing as good as I can,” and he hopes to get even better with time, taking long strides towards going to state in the coming years.