Best Sport/Muscle Cars for Teen Drivers.

Grant McGinty

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So you’re 16 and about to get your first car, you want to drive something cool — little fast, sporty looking, small. Some teenagers think that these cars are too expensive — with high insurance, initial cost, and expensive gas. Though in some cases that is true on this list I will be talking about great sport/muscle cars that are safe, affordable, and reliable.

  1. Corvette c4 from the year 1994-1996: The later year c4 Corvettes only cost about 6 to 7 thousand dollars leaving a lot of wiggle room for insurance and gas money. Getting about 25 miles to the gallon and packing an impressive 300 horsepower the c4 Corvette provides a lot of thrills while still being a practical car. For its low price and great luxury and safety features the c4 Corvette is a great first car.
  2. Mazda Miata, though only having 155 hp, the Miata light weight makes the car incredibly zippy and gives it good gas mileage(35 to the gallon). The Miata is also famous for its fantastic steering and control. For around or under 10k an old Miata has the sport and speed you desire while also being affordable.
  3. Camaro/Mustang/Charger. The three most iconic and fawned over muscle/pony cars. Though all these cars have their “super” editions ie the Hellcat, Shelby, and Z28. The basic stock v6 Mustang, Camaro, and Charger, are all well made for being a first car. Their steering is not quite as nice as other cars on this list and they are far more expensive unless you get one from around 2010-12.

4.Scion Frs/Subaru Brz though two different names they are the same car. The Brz and Frs are fantastic sports cars with great steering, though they only have about 200 hp with their v4 engine. These two cars are relatively cheap and are great cars to learn how to drive in, due to their forgiving control and small size. These cars also have great gas mileage and only cost about 14k.

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