Hurricane Harvey Strikes Texas.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall early last Saturday morning, as a category four out of five hurricane.  The huge waves and strong wind destroyed and damaged many coastal houses and buildings on impact, while the flooding continues to wither and damage peoples property. The storm also brought in record  rainfall which continues to devastate more inland cities and towns most notably Houston, which is experiencing record rainfall (Upwards of 48 inches) that led to devastating floods.

Many first responders from around the country continue the rescue effort. This includes Fire Fighters, The Coast Guard, The National Guard, and Police Officers, but due the the high volume of people in peril they are not able to respond to every distress call and are trying to go save people in the most intimate of danger. So far, only 14 deaths have been reported, but sadly in the following days we should expect that number to rise. Other groups such as  The Federal Emergency Management Agency or “FEMA”, and “The American Red Cross” ,have been providing supplies and shelter to the many victims of the storm. Just today, The President himself, Donald Trump, has visited effected areas, and has been helping with coordination between the Federal and Local governments of Texas and Louisiana.

Though us here in Georgetown only got minor rainfall, the effects that Harvey has had on our nearby neighbors will have long term effects. Homes destroyed and the schools underwater, the victims of Harvey are going to have a long recovery process that may lead to a massive displacement of people.  If you’re interested in helping the many victims of the massive storm, I recommend donating to relief groups such as “The American Red Cross”, volunteering at a shelter for the affected, and lastly going down to help in the the massive clean up that will take place after the storm dissipates.