Improving Border Security

Improving Border Security

Illegal Immigration into the United States of America is done by a variety of people for a variety of reasons. Many illegal immigrants just seek the American dream we have all been taught at a young age, but others are fleeing violent crime or bringing in illegal substances. The problem with having uncontrolled immigration is that you don’t know who is coming in. The current U.S president Donald Trump has brought this longstanding issue to the forefront as his administration is encouraging congress to take action on the problem. Many Americans agree illegal immigration is harmful to the country, though they do feel for the many millions of peaceful illegal immigrants who have been in our country for possibly decades. Illegal immigration is more than just criminals sneaking in and a drug problem it also hurts our country economically. Illegal immigrants don’t have a Social Security number and many depending on their job here just pay sales tax. This is an issue because many illegal immigrants get benefits from tax payer funded programs such as health care, public schooling for their kids, and welfare — in some states. The United States has an estimated 15 million illegal immigrants many of whom need government aid(according to a 2014 survey of income and program participation 63% of illegal aliens are on some form of  well fare). The United States is currently 27 trillion in debt and this is mainly attributed to programs that are paid into like social security and medicare. Our government can no long afford to pay for these programs because too many people are on them taking out compared to the amount paying in. Preventing illegal immigration would lead to american workers being safer and jobs more competitive while also saving our government 100’s of billions every year.

The first step in preventing illegal immigration is making it harder to physically do it. The southern border of the United States is the area where it is easiest to cross. Though there are many natural and some physical barricades as well as border patrol officers already, much of the southern border is desert land or plains with no protection making it possible to cross. This could be solved with putting up a border structure on currently unguarded areas as well as placing more cameras and sensors on our border to alert officers of an illegal entry. Illegal aliens and substances are also sometimes smuggled through the american coast on boat. To stop these crimes the United States needs to build better coastal security at our docks with modern scanners that can check for illegal cargo on board.

After the U.S secures the border stopping physical border crossing  –which is how the bulk majority of illegal immigrants enter the country, it is time to speed up the deportation process. Illegal immigrants are granted many of our constitutional rights. That may not seem like a bad thing, allowing foreigners rights like free speech, but it slows down the deportation process by needing to keep illegal immigrants here for their court date. Nearly every modern country in the world instantly deports illegal migrants instead of containing them for weeks or even months for a court case they will lose. Depending on the area in the U.S some illegal immigrants can easily skip their court cases and never get deported. In other cases illegal aliens are detained in under funded migrant camps that get so crowded families have been horribly split up due to the lack of space in the past. To stop this issue, congress needs to invest more in border security funding to hire more judges and build bigger camps to process illegal aliens more efficiently and safely.


Next, the U.S has to fix the visa problem. Visa’s are a government document foreign citizens can apply for that allow them to work a job in the U.S for a set period of time — while not being granted the full rights of citizenship. Some people who apply and receive work visas choose to stay in the U.S long after they are expired thus illegally immigrating. Visa’s are a very important service America offers giving many foreign brains and students a chance to come experience and work with our country and shouldn’t be stopped. The only way to stop people from over staying visas is by passing policy that makes it impossible to live in the U.S undocumented. That means passing policy that makes it impossible to buy a house without a matching social security number or get a hired by a company. If people can’t afford housing or get job here they would be less prone to stay after their visa expires.

Certain illegal immigrants have brought and caused crime that have costed hundreds of thousands of priceless lives. America is a country of immigrants and we want people to come here and spread their love and ideas, but immigrants must come the proper way to insure a better life for themselves as well as for the people already here. Just ramping up border security won’t stop the problem but is a part in the process to do so — as is passing new immigration and visa reforms. This article isn’t about fear mongering — there is a real issue that is leading to crime and death, and it’s dangerous for us to ignore or belittle the issue.