The Divided States of America: 2018 Midterms

On Tuesday November 6th of 2018 America went out to vote for many Governor-ships, the House of Representatives, and 1/3 of the United States Senate. Democrats were eager at a chance to gain power after losing all branches of government in the last election, while Republicans tried to hold on to and expand their majorities. In then end after the dust settled the Republicans lost their house majority with many seats being flipped by just hundreds of votes. However, the Republican party preformed well in the senate in terms of the senate picking up 2 more seats for their majority. This now means the power of America’s Government is now literally divided with the Democrats controlling the House of Representatives and the Republicans controlling the Senate. So what does that mean for us?

America is divided. Issues such as healthcare, border security, and how the government should regulate the economy — continue to divide we the people. Both sides continue to look at these major issues in a black and white my way or the highway mentality. Now with a divided congress if we are going to see any results Democrats and Republicans will have to work together more than ever to get any legislation through because all legislation has to pass both bodies before reaching the president’s desk to be signed into law. In her speech the night of the mid-terms, apparent house speaker, Nancy Pelosi D-Ca, called for unity and said the Democrat house will be transparent and work with Republicans as much as it can. Though throughout history a divided congress does usually get less legislation done because there is less cooperation and even more gridlock. Members on both sides Republican and Democrat, have put their feet in the ground on issues like a border wall either for or against and it will be interesting to see if congress now in a more divided state leads to more compromises and backtracking of former statements. President Trump’s agenda on healthcare and border security are likely to take a hit because even when Republicans controlled both houses of congress they didn’t manage to pass.

The Democrats have a small majority in the house and the Republicans a small majority in the senate. Many of these new house incumbents won election by only 1% of the vote and with re-election in only 2 years for them they may be more open to playing for both sides to bring results to the district they just began to represent. It will be an interesting congressional term — with both sides calling for unity, though there are whispers on the Democrat side to investigate the President with their newly gained power — which is guaranteed to cause more division.

As Americans all we can hope for is that our elected leaders do their best to represent the ideals we hold dear while passing legislation to help our economy and improve our daily lives. We must never stop talking about the issues and we must keep the dialogue passive and positive if we are to ever unite as a nation again.