Teaching Styles

Kaden Davis, Writer

There are many lessons that teachers must teach but how they get the knowledge across is up to them, and some teachers here at Georgetown have changed or converted their style in recent years.
The way a teacher introduces content can affect how much information and interest the students will get from the curriculum. Algebra teacher Mrs.Woods has changed her teaching method from a more direct form of teaching to a more student explored approach. She wants her students to be more accountable and in control of their learning and grades. Geometry teacher Mrs.Hise on the other hand wanted her students to be more collaborative, so she had the desks arranged into groups that can work with each other as well as with her.
Teachers are also trying to get involved with how students can study. Second year world geography teacher Ms.Nolan is assigning students to make flash cards — she hopes that these flashcards will help students out by getting them prepared for the test. Spanish teacher Ms.Saragusa has added educational decorations and posters to the walls that involve the Spanish language which include numbers, words, as well as conjugations. She has also added random partner speaking in Spanish:an activity when two or more students communicate in Spanish together.This will help the students to better learn how to properly speak the language to others.
Another change in modern day classroom is adding more technology — such as laptops. Science teacher Mrs.Hodgson has added technology into her curriculum recently“Over the years I changed my teaching style by incorporating more technology”-Mrs.Hodgson. She explained how she now uses google classroom where she can post links to online quizzes, have interactive activities, and allow students study the notes for a test.
Every teacher has a different or changed method for how they explain and teach the material in an aim to make coming into class more engaging, but more importantly the teachers do this to improve the educational experience — whether its by helpful notes on the walls or desk arrangement.