GHS Accessibility Issues

Kaityln Satchell, Writer

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Georgetown High School’s added security fixed one problem, but created another. When the new doors were installed in the main building and annex, the possibility of inaccessibility wasn’t considered. One might be surprised at how inaccessible some parts of the school are as of late.
For instance, the main car lane entrance has four sets of doors to get into the school. This makes it time consuming and frustrating to get in and out, constantly having to wait for others to open the doors. Near the entrance doors there is the lecture hall, where there isn’t a ramp to get up into the crowd. It’s hazardous and makes attending events there a grave chore as there are no accommodations for people that need them.
Across the main campus is the annex. When one enters the annex, they’re greeted again by four sets of doors. There are then two doors to both the right and left side of the annex. Not only do students need to wait to be let into the front set, but to also go through the proper hallway you must communicate with the office to get either the left or right set of doors open.
The dance hall also located to the left side of the annex is the worst offender of inaccessibility. It has the highest amount of inaccessible doors in the school –eight doors. Two sets of which are the culinary arts room entrance on the left and right side of the kitchen. There are then two sets located by the back dance area on the left.Lastly four concurrent sets of doors are at the very end of the annex building leading to the bus lane. All these doors are heavy, big, and require another student or staff to open them — sometimes the doors are looked so you have to seek someone with a key another inconvenience.
These changes were made for safety with the inaccessibility being a unfortunate issue that they hope to resolve soon. Georgetown High is supposedly going to make the double layered sets of doors at all major entrances more accessible. Georgetown staff had this to say about the situation: “Regarding the locked doors, I am very happy that our staff is working hard to keep us safe. However, it [has] presented unforeseen challenges meeting the requirements for ADA accessibility,” Kathy Braught, the Assistant Nurse, said. As for the solution: “They’re currently working on the secondary doors to make them more accessible,” Assistant Principal Mr.Romero said. Though Georgetown High School is not currently accessible to all, adding in mechanisms to make the doors easier to traverse through would be a major help. Hopefully these changes will be made soon.

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