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Hypocrisy against the generations

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In this article, I will rant incoherently with no particular shape or order, as well as generalize generations. This a disclaimer. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let’s start.


Baby Boomers enjoyed one of the most prosperous times in American history, hands down. And instead of choosing to pass to pass this down to younger generations,  they elected instead to:

  • Eliminate/reducing salaries, work benefits, etc in the workforce
  • Never retiring, thus helping to reduce the availability of good jobs to those still trying to advance their career
  • Buying more properties than they need and renting them at ridiculous costs to millennials
  • Vote in politicians who seek to eliminate/reduce the social safety nets and other benefits they benefited from


But it’s all the millennials fault, and why? Because their parents gave them too many trophies when they were kids!

Why is it so complicated for older generations to grasp the concept that millennials are so different then them?

Why is it that being unique is now met with ridicule and being called a ‘snowflake’, as if the very concept of not wanting to conform and be the exact same as everyone else is bad thing? Why is snowflake an insult so casually thrown around?

Why are all millennials being generalized as ‘kids who want something for nothing’ and ‘the lazy generation’, as well as being ridiculed for using technology (as if we should shy away from technology, the thing the very basis of the future is built upon, just because some older people make off-handed jokes about ‘phones are the new pacifiers’.)

In the same way that I just generalized everyone born in the Baby Boomer generation. If that got you angry that I lumped everyone born between 1946 and 1964 together, then you should get equally upset that those born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s are being treated the same.


According to Jarrett Moreno on, “While the cost of college has risen 1120% since 1978, state funding towards college has actually been cut 40%. Over the last 5 years alone, government education spending has fallen by about $1,800 per student. The cost of college is rising faster than almost any other good. Meanwhile, the minimum wage hasn’t even kept up with inflation.”

That means people in the past could work minimum wage jobs and pay off their student loans, but today it’s near impossible, especially with difficulty enough finding a job after college.

What, exactly, is being ‘handed’ to millennials when they graduate a college they can barely afford to begin with and are met with thousands of dollars in debt?

Why did they even go to college in the first place if they couldn’t afford it? Because of the stigma surrounding college in general. How many times have we been told ‘if you don’t go to college you can’t get a good job’? Well, now people are going to college, but not only aren’t they getting jobs they’re now loaded down with debt. Which raises the question for many, what is even the point of going?

Do the older generations even know of the outrageous college prices now?

Jarett Moreno says again, “A year’s tuition at an in-state public university in 1978 was $688 (in that year’s dollars, not adjusted for inflation), which is equal to 260 hours working at the 1978 minimum wage (less than seven 40-hour work weeks).
A year’s tuition at an in-state public university in 2011 was $7,701, which is equal to 1,062 hours working at the 2011 minimum wage (nearly twenty-seven 40-hour work weeks).”

Students Are Still Saddled With Soaring Textbook Costs, Report Says by Herb Weisbaum at NBC News. The report cites figures from the National Association of College Stores that shows the typical student now spends around $560 per year on required course materials, down from $700 in the 2007/2008 academic year.


I’ve discussed the negative stigma technology has received in the article here- ‘This Generation’


It’s almost hilarious how some older people can complain about ‘safe spaces’ and how they are ‘making America weaker’ and ‘sissy-fying Americans’, and I’m going to generalize here, most of the people who complain about ‘safe spaces’ are the same one who watch Fox News and voted for Trump. And they probably nod in agreement to this-







Because it’s only okay when we agree to it! It’s only okay when people we agree with say it! CNN got kicked out of press conferences for asking questions the White House did not want to hear- would you call that the admin creating a ‘safe space’ for themselves, free from things and opinions they don’t want to hear? So it’s only OK when they do it, just not liberals or college students?


What else can I complain about…


Why have people taken it upon themselves to say what you can and can’t identify yourself as? What’s so wrong with having a different gender identity than the norm, or a different sexual preference? Why do people get so offended when someone is biologically male but identifies as a woman? Someone bisexual, or transgender, or asexual, or gender fluid? People scoff all they want, but some make it their very mission to ridicule and belittle people for having different orientations then them. Why does it matter so much what someone chooses to call themselves to someone who it does not effect at all? Does it really make some people lose sleep at night that other people have the nerve to think there is more than one gender? WHY DO PEOPLE CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S PERSONAL LIFE? As long as it’s nothing illegal like pedophilia or beastiality or necrophilia, who really cares about the bedroom habits of strangers? Is it so complicated to keep politics out of personal identities? Why must your agenda concede with everyone else?

We can’t all be happy. It might offend you that someone uses different pronouns or dates people of the same gender. What I say to that is go back to your safe space. If you don’t want to see someone living their life the way that makes them happy and hurts nobody else, feel free to ignore them. Just don’t try to push your agenda and opinions down their throats- no doubt they’ve heard it all before.


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Hypocrisy against the generations