DIY Homecoming Mum

How to make a Homecoming Mum.

Anabelle Stanford

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Every year for the big Homecoming game, just about every student is covered in blue, black and white. One of the biggest parts if Homecoming is the Homecoming Mums and Garters. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a homecoming mum to please all.

Step 1:

Buying materials. You are going to need backings, ribbon (and lots of it), a stapler, staples, hot glue gun, hot glue, a way to wear the mum or garter (a pin for mums and strap for garters), and anything extra that you might find fun to attach.

Step 2:

Making your backer. This is the series of loops and points that surrounds the flower. First, you need to choose what ribbon you’d like to use. Next, you need to create your loops and points.I recommend making your loops first and then your points. Depending on how big you want your mum, I suggest using 8 points and 8 loops. Staple your points and loops to a backing. Be sure to leave enough room for your flower!



Step 3:

Adding ribbon. For this you’re going to need another backing. You want your ribbon to look layered. You create the “layered look” by stapling your smaller ribbons in the front and increase in ribbon size as you get further back. It is completely up to you on what ribbon to use. Be creative!


Step 4:

Personalize. This step is totally optional.If you choose to, now would be a good time to add any stickers, numbers, names, etc… to the ribbons. Personalizing your mum or garter special and stand out more from the crowd.





Step 5:

Combine ribbon and backer. Now you are going to hot glue or staple the backing that is attached to your ribbon to the backer. Make sure that both your ribbon and backer are facing forward.






Step 6:

Add one more backing. Hot glue one more backing onto the back of the mum to that all of the staples used in the creation of the mum up to this point don’t scratch or tear clothing.






Step 7:

Create a way to attach mum or garter to a person. Most garters have an arm strap for the guys to wear.Most mums either have a neck strap or a pin depending on the size of the mum.


Step 8:

Add flower. This step is last so that the flower does not get messed during the creation of the mum. After all, the flower really is the centerpiece. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the flower to the backing. Be sure to gently press down the flower, without messing it up, to make sure that it is secure the the rest of the mum or garter.