Do it Yourself- Egg Dyeing

Dying is a commonly done Easter tradition, and today were going help you do it quickly using common house hold items so no kits required.




First you need to hard-boil your eggs. This is achieved by putting them in a pot and covering the eggs in water at least a inch higher than them. After you allow them to boil you then let them sit in the hot water for no more than about 20 minutes. After that you take them out and let them cool under cold water.





Now for the dying fill a cup I recommend a coffee mug half-way with hot water, a teaspoon of vinegar, and ten or more drops of your favorite food coloring. You can then drop your egg in and let is sit and become a solid color, or you can mix the colors and make new unique ones such as purple, or you can hold your egg halfway in the dye and then go dye the other half a different color for a multicolored look. To prevent burning yourself use a spoon to get the eggs out of the cup/ coffee mug.