The Haunting of Hill House-Book review

The Haunting of Hill House-Book review

Elsa Hillis


This spooky psychological thriller is a light starter for newbies to horror. Heavy on the suspense and psychological aspects of horror and light on the shock-value and gore, it is a little slow at the beginning but picks up quickly. The book is a little old, so expect a few Victorian-like phrases and themes.

The story follows Eleanor, a troubled 30-something-year old, who is invited to stay at a house with two strangers by a doctor investigating the paranormal levels of activity at the mansion- believed by locals to be haunted. Needless to say, the house does not disappoint.

Expect many of your questions to go unanswered. It is unclear which details serve a hidden foreshadowing purpose or which are included at the author’s whimsy – or both.

 This novel is also fairly short and a quick read–4 stars out of 5!