CTE Hallway Remodel

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In the years Georgetown High School was first built it has been remodeled multiple times therefore Georgetown High School is nothing like the first class that graduated remembers it was.

In 2010, the Georgetown community passed a bond to renovate and expand Georgetown High School campus to accommodate an increase in student enrollment, make the campus more friendly and to redo the interior spaces of the building.

In August 2015, the Georgetown ISD Board of Trustees voted to have a bond election on November 3, 2015. The bond package, totaled up to $160.6 million, and was approved by Georgetown ISD voters. The Bond includes construction of new district facilities, renovations and improvements to existing facilities, increased safety and security, technology upgrades, and other district-wide improvements.Overall, this work in the bond will give GHS the flexibility and environment it will need to meet the demands of a growing population. 

The year of 2016-2017 Georgetown High School had to close down their two hallways by the main gym otherwise known as the South hall to Remodel and by the end of the school year we had to close down the CTE Hallway for Remodeling.

When returning after Christmas break we got to see the new CTE hallways where the new Agriculture, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Floral Design, and Welding classrooms and shops are built.

The CTE hallway which houses most of the “Hands on Classes” like Future Farmers of America (FFA), Agriculture (AG), Welding, Technology class such as Tech-Theater, Yearbook, Newspaper, and Journalism.

When asking Mrs. Beran The Floral Design teacher and also alumni student of why GISD wanted to remodel the school her response was “We’ve Outgrown the old parts of the school and need more space and rooms. The students will benefits from the remodeling by having more space, more time to get to class and not having to be late everyday, and more room for collaboration with the other classes that are in the same group of electives and learn new skills by doing so.”

When school ends May 30th 2018 GHS will be preparing for Phase 3 of renovations this will take place June 2018 – August 2018 to the existing Fine Arts Wing will be renovated with new wall, floor and ceiling finishes in the Band, Choir, Orchestra and Theater Arts areas to match the rest of the building. Renovations also include replacing older doors with new doors.

Here is a big transformation at the every beginning before the remodeling started compared to now