Student Finds Success From Social Media


Emma Almaraz

Nolan Chapman, Editor-In-Chief


While there are certainly no lack of teenagers who have found their way to stardom through the internet, there is one student at Georgetown High School who has found her way to fame through the social media site YouTube. Sophomore Deja Curry has been making videos since sixth grade, and has amassed a sizable following of about eighteen thousand subscribers. Even though she originally made YouTube videos just for fun, Curry soon found herself going viral. Since uploading the video on September ninth, 2018, Curry’s “extreme room makeover!!” video has accrued a total of almost three and a half million views.

“It just got sort of popular. It was honestly insane though because I posted that video thinking that just close friends and family would watch it, so I wasn’t expecting it to get the popularity that it did. It is a very cool experience though,” Curry said.

Curry’s success can be found in an earlier stage in her life. She has been watching YouTube videos since a very young age, and has drawn inspiration from the videos she watched, eventually starting to create videos for fun with her friends. When Curry first began creating content for her YouTube channel, she described it as difficult to infuse her videos with her personality.

“Sometimes it’s hard to show my true personality on YouTube because you’re like… talking to a camera by yourself, but I’ve tried to loosen up a little more on camera. I’ll be honest, it isn’t as easy as it looks. But, to show my personality on my channel I try to talk about fashion and things that I like, and edit with my style,” Curry said.

Curry has large ambitions for her YouTube channel; hoping to eventually get her Silver Play Button, which YouTubers can receive once they amass one hundred thousand subscribers. Curry described it as a “long shot,” but that she will continue to create content for her YouTube channel whenever possible. 

“I use a Canon 80D set up on a giant tripod when making videos at home, and when I’m making like vlogs or videos outside of the house I use a Canon G7 X on a handheld tripod. I usually say the same thing each video for my intro, and then continue with whatever the video is. Next is the editing process. It takes literally ages for me to edit videos. Maybe I’m just bad at editing but it takes forever. I use Final Cut Pro on my Macbook Pro and make lots of edits until it’s perfect,” Curry explained.

While some people may dismiss Curry’s passion as just a childish pursuit, Curry’s YouTube channel is a hobby that will help her to make a little side money while doing something she loves. Additionally, she is making an outlet for her creativity that is also a great way to pursue a career in a field that she enjoys. While some teenagers may find passion in sports or clubs, Curry has found a unique way to exhibit her creativity and pursue her dreams from a young age.