Call of Duty Black Ops 4:Review

Call of Duty Black Ops 4:Review

Being the 14th installment in the series, Black Ops 4, makes many drastic changes to the classic Call of Duty formula to try and breathe new life to the long running series. Dropping a single player campaign and adding in a new battle royal mode like the cultural sensation of Fortnite — Black Ops 4 is an obvious battle for the Call of Duty franchise to stay relevant — and it may have succeeded. This review will be divided into three segments because the game has three vastly different modes Multiplayer, Battle Royal, and no longer Nazi Zombies – Zombies.

Multiplayer: Present in every single Call of Duty is the simple multiplayer battles that pit two teams of around 6 people in a fight over some kind of objective. The multiplayer is really nothing special, back from Black Ops 3 is the specialists system which allows the player to pick a character who can unleash a powerful and unique ability a few time in a round. I highly dislike the specialist system because some of the abilities are frustrating to go up against and lead balance issues. The overall gun fighting is average but the health system is really awful with you having to heal yourself instead of auto healing. The change to the health system means that anytime you get double teamed IE two enemies are fighting you at once you are destined to die because won’t have time to heal and fight off two guys. Another problem is the maps are way to big. In most of the games I die just because after running around for 2 minutes not finding anyone I lose interest and get killed by some guy sitting in a corner — really fun stuff folks. The maps in general are also goofy and don’t really feel like places a grand battle should be taking place. I remember in older Call of Duty’s like World at War and Modern Warfare you where actually fighting in legitimate war zones not in nightclubs and clean modern houses. Overall the multiplayer is pretty garbage and I struggle to get any enjoyment out of the mode. There is a single player bot mode as well that is also very bland that unlocks poorly acted movies to watch, yay!

Blackout: Following in the footsteps of the battle royal craze started by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, Blackout, pits 88 players in a fight to the death on a massive map consisting of many iconic locations from the Call of Duty universe. Such locations include the zombie asylum, Hydro dam, and an island of destroyed Nuke Town houses. To transverse this massive map you and your up to three other teammates can drive cars, boats, helicopters, and 4 wheelie’rs. The vehicles all control very well and can lead to intense and fun engagements. There is plenty of unique and interesting weapons to collect around the map such as the famous Ray Gun and Monkey Bombs from the zombies mode. Blackout allows for a lot of strategy and perhaps its best feature is that it is two player split screen, so if you have a brother or a friend over you can have maximum coordination working together on one screen — it is a lot of fun! The mode is very polished and fast paced ,so even if you lose you can quickly jump into another round and have a completely new experience due to the wide variety of equipment available in the mode.

Zombies: Zombies has been drastically changed from Black Ops 3 and honestly for the better. There are 3 zombies maps included in the game, IX which pits players in a pit in ancient Rome, Voyage of Despair which is set on the Titanic, and Blood of the Dead which is set on Alcatraz Island. Each map is very different containing new special zombies types. For example, IX has undead Tigers while Blood of the Dead has zombie dogs and an undead prison warden. Gone are the forced quests that required players to spend sometimes 30 plus minutes and lots of Youtube watching on how to get a special weapon. Now everyone picks a special weapon at the start of the game and you can summon it about once per round to get out of a sticky situation. You can also now customize what perk colas spawn in and where, so you no longer have to go across the map to get the few perk drinks you actually like to use. The zombies are also not as fast hitting as in Black Ops 3 which is a blessing due to the removal of the extra life drink Juggernog. There is also a new feature called Mutations where you can practically control every setting in the zombie mode to either make it harder or easier. If you want an easier experience but Mutations is just too much to set up there is a new casual mode that is fun, challenging, but also not insanely hard. The only MAJOR issue with zombies is that you can no longer save the last zombie of a round they die off whether you want them too or not after about five minutes. This is insanely frustrating because it gives the player no time to buy upgrades or complete tasks necessary for surviving and is hopefully changed soon.

The multiplayer is garbage and with a lack of a campaign as well it seems like Black Ops 4 would be a total miss. Due to Black Ops 4’s  enjoyable zombies and well made battle royal mode, the game is still worth getting –unless you are more into the traditional Call of Duty modes then I’d take a strong pass on it.

Rating 7/10