Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review (Non-Spoiler)

Avengers: Infinity War - Movie Review (Non-Spoiler)





After 18 movies and six years of build-up(Since 2012’s Avengers introduced Thanos), 20 heroes unite to take on the ultimate threat Thanos — an alien being hell-bent on mass universal genocide to create a cosmic balance.

Plot: The Avengers are split following the events of Captain America: Civil War, but when Thanos begins to create universal havoc one by one the Avengers come out of their average lives to unite for a battle bigger than any they have ever seen.

Key Characters:

Tony Stark: Cocky billionaire and tech genius, he has known of Thanos’s threat since he went to space in the first Avengers — haunting him and leading him down the dark path of Ultron and the split of the Avengers. Now, Thanos has arrived and Tony risks the recent stability in his life to fight the ultimate foe.

Thanos: After seeing his planet die to overpopulation, Thanos believes half of the beings in the universe must die to create a balance. Thanos posses the all mighty infinity gauntlet. The infinity gauntlet allows him to wield the all powerful infinity stones which will make the task of mass genocide as easy as the snap of his fingers.

Thor: After losing his mom, dad, and home in previous films, Thor is brought to the last straw and caught in a wake of rage after Thanos attacks what remains of his people and family.

Quality: With so many heroes and so many plot threads from now ten years of storytelling this movie does the ultimate balancing act of allowing everyone have their time to shine, while also providing intense drama and satisfying answers to questions some as old as 7 years. The writing is on point with all the character interactions and dialog being fitting an a lot of fun. One complaint in previous Marvel films was how humor can undercut the drama, while there is humor(It all lands) in this film it’s at a bare minimum with it only coming from the more sarcastic characters, and the humor is pretty much non-existent in the final act. The CGI is impressive and a huge step up from the last film Black Panther. The fight scenes are epic as well as  diverse in execution with so many different characters using unique abilities as well as the cool new environments for the fights such as Wakanda and alien planets.

Conclusion: I’ve been a Marvel fan since 2008 when they released the first MCU film Iron Man when I was 7. When I saw the commercials for Infinity War — yeah it looked great, but I had a small doubt this film would crumble under its weight and provide some less than satisfying answers – I was wrong. Infinity War is perfect, yeah the pacing can be a bit crazy with it jumping from one group of characters to another(Think of the story mode in Super Smash Bros:Brawl perfect analogy for this film), but by the end you realize they had to tell the events in the order the film did to allow the finale to pay off. The answers were thrilling and all the heroes are as likable as ever. 19 movies in and Avengers Infinity War proves there is still so much more you can do in this universe. Infinity War also manages to make pretty much everyone in the audience start a count down to next years Avengers 4 due to the shock and awe.

Rating 10/10