Thor The Dark World- a movie review: The Road to infinity war.

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Thor The Dark World- a movie review: The Road to infinity war.

Travis Prine, Contributor

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Thor The Dark World is a 2013 superhero film directed by Alan Taylor and was distributed into theaters by Marvel Studios

Knowing that Infinity War is almost here, I decided I would give the older films of the Marvel cinematic universe a re-watch again.

The Plot: There are nine realms of Asgard and once every 5,000 years they align. Earth happens to be one of these realms. These realms create portals between the worlds during the alignment which is called “Convergence”. On Earth, in London, Jane Foster believes she and her crew have discovered one such portal. Foster, while investigating the phenomenon, is transported to another realm and comes in contact with a substance called Aether. Upon coming into contact with the substance, it draws Thor from Asgard back to Earth. Thor takes Jane to Asgard to be cured of the Aether. Unfortunately, in doing so it draws more than just Jane to that world. Another being called Malekith wants to use the Aether to destroy all nine realms. Devising a plan with his brother – the war criminal Loki, Thor heads to “The Dark World” to destroy the Aether and save Asgard.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the crown prince of Asgard. After foiling his brothers evil scheme in The Avengers, Thor wonders what to do next rule Asgard or continue being a protector of the nine realms.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki Thor’s adoptive brother. Imprisoned after his invasion of Earth Loki reluctantly decides to help Thor due to his guilt.

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith: The ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim who wants to destroy Asgard with the Aether.

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster: An astrophysicist and Thor’s love interest, who is brought from Earth to Asgard by Thor after she is infected with the Aether.

Quality: certainly not a bad entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor the Dark World is a spectacle with its use of CGI, but fails on making its villain memorable. Hemsworth again shines as the mighty Thor with some decent action sequences involving him, while Hiddleston as Loki serves up another great performance. Thor and Jane’s relationship isn’t all the buy-able but isn’t cringey, but the same can’t be said about some of Jane’s human friends such as fellow scientist Darcy. The film also adds in a lot of important plot threads to the MCU such as the introduction of the 3rd infinity stone as well as the Collector a celestial being.

Conclusion: If you are a fan of Thor and were a fan of the first film, then you should check out its sequel. Though a bit more cosmic then is predecessor Thor the Dark World provides and interesting continuation to all the character’s stories.

Rating: 7.5/10