Thor-a movie review: The Road to infinity war.

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Thor-a movie review: The Road to infinity war.

Travis Prine, Contributor

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Thor is a 2011 superhero film directed by Kenneth Branagh and was distributed into theaters by Marvel Studios.

Knowing that Infinity War is almost here, I decided I would give the older films of the Marvel cinematic universe a re-watch again.

The PlotAfter wanting to wage war against the Frost Giants, the mighty warrior Thor is cast out from Asgard by his father ,Odin, and sent to Earth. With no way home and his hammer Mjolnir lost, Thor struggles to reclaim his powers. Meanwhile, on Asgard, Thor’s devious brother Loki had seized the throne and seeks to help the Frost Giants reclaim their glory. With help from scientist Jane Foster and her team, Thor must learn the true virtue of being a hero and return home to stop Loki to save Asgard from destruction.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor: Brave but ignorant, The Mighty Thor has to learn what it means to be a hero and ruler.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki: Thor’s adoptive brother, he wants nothing but revenge and power. He is the god of mischief after all.

Anthony Hopkins as Odin: The ruler of Asgard, father of Thor, and adoptive father of Loki. Odin tries to be a fair ruler and protector of the nine realms.

Quality: a bit of an odd entry in the ever-sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Shines exceptionally  well with its use of visual effects to bring Asgard to life and its great casting choice with Thor And Loki. Hemsworth nails down the character instantly bringing in more of the comedic bits when he is on earth while with Hiddleston portraying an excellent villain. Some of the scenes on Earth are a bit slow, as well as there being a lack of action and intensity. Towards the end, when the conflict is revealed Thor is nearly a masterpiece.

A big step for the MCU introducing alien planets and all mighty gods, Thor shows more age than most early MCU entries due to its slow pacing and mediocre jokes, but is still an enjoyable introduction to the mighty Avenger.

Rating 7.6/10

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