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The life of a Colloge Student Athlete

Jeffrey Williams, Newbie

March 20

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In high school many athletes dream and hope of continuing their basketball careers in "The next level" this so called next level is actually 90 percent of the time college. These athletes hope they can get scholarships, to play...

The UIL rules

Jeffrey Williams, newbie

February 9

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My name is Jeffrey Williams, I am a junior that was on the basketball team. I was a varsity basketball player my sophomore year. I was forced by mt y parents to go to a private school a few months ago, I got out of it and got...

NASA to launch mini satellites from space

Dean Taylor

December 13

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  NASA always trying to revolutionize the world we have created today, with many new technologies, and thoughts to change the world to better. These satellites are designed to track hurricanes and ocean storms. Headed...

Fall Exam Schedule 2016

December 13

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Semester Exam Bell Schedule-Fall, 2016 1st Exam-8:40-10:25 2nd Exam-10:35-12:20 3rd(1st Review Period)-Lunch A lunch-12:25-12:55 Class Time-1:00-2:35 B lunch-1:10-1:40 Class Time-12:25-1:05; 1:45-2:35 C...

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